The Taiwanese Cultural Festival

Since 2008 the Green Lotus Foundation has organized the "Taiwan Cultural Festival " each year in June in the Netherlands. We co-operate with the Cultural Foundations in the Hague to present the exclusive Taiwan cultural activities to the Dutch public.

Among the Chinese-speaking regions around the world, Taiwan has preserved the Chinese Traditional culture very well. Taiwan government insists on using and practising the traditional Chinese Language and Characters; Taiwan preserve the most complete Chinese folk Arts, respect the aboriginal people's culture, costume and languages, and maintain the historical heritage folk arts and crafts: the oil-painting of paper umbrellas, the art of paper sculptures, the making of lanterns. Moreover they keep up the extraordinary high-tech.

The highlights of the Taiwan Cultural Festival are as follows:

  The Taiwan landscape photo exhibition (2009 and 2010)
  The Exhibition of the Dragon's Blessing printed painting of Taiwan (2012)
  The exhibition of Chinese traditional costume (2010)
  The folk dance performances (2010 , 2011)
  The Chinese arts workshops for children (2008-2012), such as the Aboriginal caps production, DIY animal lanterns , children's sand painting and the painting of the white lanterns.

Via the Taiwan Cultural Festival Dutch citizens and children get an in-depth experience of Taiwan culture and they discover and experience the charm of the rich and diverse Chinese culture, such as the Taiwanese folk culture and the arts of calligraphy and Chinese painting.

The committee of the Taiwan Cultural Festival is thankful for the support of the following organizations: The Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission (OCAC) , the Taiwanese community and Taiwan companies in the Netherlands, The Rotterdam Institute for Art and Culture ( DKC), the Municipal of the Hague, the City Hall of Barendrecht and diverse local cultural Foundations.

The Green Lotus Foundation will continue to organize the Taiwan Cultural Festival every year to present the various aspects of the Taiwan and traditional Chinese culture in the Netherlands. The upcoming events are:
  Summer Dream: the Taiwan Cultural Festival, the hightlights of which are the most popular Folk dances and arts workshops
  The Arts exhibition and the special theme of the aboriginal culture
  The exhibition of Taiwan Green high Tech.

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The Dutch have a long tradition dealing with the Orient. For bridging the gap between modern and ancient Chinese culture and today’s dutch society, we organize four major Chinese festivals in different cities, as Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Moon Festival; and the Winter Festival. We also offer Chinese arts workshops for the cultural institutes and for the companies. Facebook:
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