Our activities
To stimulate Dutch- Chinese arts and cultures

We have successfully bring the Chinese Arts and Culture to the Netherlands, in the
following Chinese Cultural events.
2008: Lantern Festival (February in Barendrecht)
2009:World Toy Festival and Arts Workshops (The Hague), Lantern Festival ( Barendrecht), Dragon Boat Festival ( Barendrecht)
2010: Chinese Arts Festival ( The Hague), Arts and Photo Exhibition (February in Municipal Library of Barendrecht and in Municipal Library of Rotterdam), Lantern FFestival ( Barendrecht)
2011: Chinese Arts Festival ( Rotterdam), Lantern Festival ( Barendrecht)
2012: Chinese Arts Festival ( The Hague),Arts and Photo Exhibition ( 2012 Barendrecht), LanternFestival ( Barendrecht)
Setup the Overseas Chinese Lady’s Association (OCLA)

We set up the Overseas Chinese Lady’s Association (OCLA) and organized a series of Seminars regarding the Dutch Tax system, Speech and travel
activities, to assist the Chinese women to expand their social network and to
integrate into the Dutch society.
Charity concert and Charity event

We organize the Charity concert and event for helping the urgent needed
incidents, as the earthquake, flood and the poverty in China and other areas
in the world.

2008: Kids’ Summer Charity Concert ( Rotterdam)
2010: Winter Charity Event ( Rotterdam)
To Promote the diverse Chinese Culture in The Netherlands

2008: Chinese Cultural Festival (The Hague), Taiwan Food Festival (The Hague), Taiwan Cultural Days ( Barendrecht)
2009: Chinese Cultural Festival( Rotterdam ),Taiwan Cultural Days ( Apeldoorn)
2010: Chinese Cultural Festival (Barendrecht),Chinese Cultural Evening (Barendrecht), Taiwan Cultural Days ( Rotterdam)
2011: Chinese Cultural Festival ( Rotterdam), Taiwan Cultural Day ( Barendrecht), Taiwan Pipa Concert ( The Hague)
2012:Chinese Cultural Festival ( Rotterdam), Taiwan Cultural Days (Rotterdam)
Green Lotus Foundation 3 anniversary special issue
About us
The Green Lotus Foundation is a registered independent and non-profit organization in the Netherlands. Our mission is to promote the Chinese Culture in the Netherlands, and to engage in the cultural exchange activities between Greater China area and the Netherlands.....
The Dutch have a long tradition dealing with the Orient. For bridging the gap between modern and ancient Chinese culture and today’s dutch society, we organize four major Chinese festivals in different cities, as Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Moon Festival; and the Winter Festival. We also offer Chinese arts workshops for the cultural institutes and for the companies.
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