Our Task and mission is to promote the Chinese culture in the Netherlands.

Owing to the co-operation with some international organizations and the Dutch Cultural Institutes, Green Lotus Foundation has successfully held a number of Chinese cultural activities and Arts Exhibitions in the Netherlands, and received wide recognition and support from the dutch mainstream society.

In order to present our culture to the younger generation, the Green Lotus Foundation specially organized a series of Chinese cultural presentations and Chinese arts workshops for the students of the primary and secondary schools in the Netherlands. Via the introduction of these interesting arts workshops, such as: the making and painting of a Chinese lantern, the presentation of calligraphy , Tai-chi, Kung Fu and the story telling of Chinese cultural legends, we shared our culture with thousands of students in the primary and secondary schools in the Netherlands.

Furthermore, the Green Lotus Foundation co-operated with the cultural center of Rotterdam and the municipal library of Barendrecht to organize the Chinese Arts exhibitions and children’s art workshops, which attracted many citizens and their children to participate in our activities. Our activities have also got the attention of the nobility of some cities, such as the Vice Mayor of the Hague, Mr. Henk Kool, who attended the opening ceremony of the first performance of the Chinese Arts Festival and delivered the opening speech. The vice Mayor of the Hague Robin Baldewingh participated in the World Toy Festival, and the Mayor of Barendrecht Jan van Belzen visited the Dragon Boat Festival held in Barendrecht. Via these cultural activities we successfully reached our goal and formed a bridge between the Chinese community and the Dutch society.

About us
The Green Lotus Foundation is a registered independent and non-profit organization in the Netherlands. Our mission is to promote the Chinese Culture in the Netherlands, and to engage in the cultural exchange activities between Greater China area and the Netherlands.....
The Dutch have a long tradition dealing with the Orient. For bridging the gap between modern and ancient Chinese culture and today’s dutch society, we organize four major Chinese festivals in different cities, as Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Moon Festival; and the Winter Festival. We also offer Chinese arts workshops for the cultural institutes and for the companies.
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