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Green Lotus Foundation
Molen ‘t Hert 27
3161 KV Rhoon
The Netherlands
Telephone: +31-10-501-4557
Mobile: +31-6 51535181
KVK Nr. 34277272
Giro Nr. 3558038
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Chairman: Kathy Chen

Kathy Chen is a Chinese writer and a senior reporter. Her country of origin is Taiwan. In 1995 she moved to the Netherlands and obtained the Dutch nationality in 1998. She founded the Green Lotus Foundation in 2007, and began to actively promote Chinese culture in the Dutch society.

Kathy Chen is the managing Director of Zhi-lan Creative Marketing. She also serves as the top interview columnist and correspondent of a number of Chinese newspapers in the Netherlands. Due to her top interview with Dutch high level politicians, the CEO’s of Dutch enterprises and the directors of Dutch cultural institutions. Kathy Chen has successfully built up her high level network in the Netherlands, which has a positive impact on the promotion of Chinese Culture in the Netherlands.

Mobile: +31-6 29 577291

About us
The Green Lotus Foundation is a registered independent and non-profit organization in the Netherlands. Our mission is to promote the Chinese Culture in the Netherlands, and to engage in the cultural exchange activities between Greater China area and the Netherlands.....
The Dutch have a long tradition dealing with the Orient. For bridging the gap between modern and ancient Chinese culture and today’s dutch society, we organize four major Chinese festivals in different cities, as Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Moon Festival; and the Winter Festival. We also offer Chinese arts workshops for the cultural institutes and for the companies. Facebook:
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